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Аддоны, плагины Presetrain 225 Lightroom Presets Bundle


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225 Lightroom Presets Bundle features 10 best Lightroom Preset Packs released by Presetrain Co.
All you ever need for your creative photography process

  • Merrychrome Lightroom Preset Pack - bring the festive spirit in with this collection of family, lifestyle and portrait presets for Lightroom. Beautiful jolly colors, warm skintones and a special analog touch will make your images look like a party!
  • Bjorndale Lightroom Preset Pack - provides 18 professional toning presets for natural light portrait, landscape and travel photography.
  • Yolk Lightroom Portrait Presets - were crafted to give a special touch to your studio and low-key natural light portrait photography. Featuring the vibrant golden-yellow process, they will bring richness, expression and make your work stand out. Fine-art quality.
  • Honeymoon Wedding Lightroom Presets - offer beautiful film-like toning for wedding and love-story photography. Their soft and romantic color palette will enhance the overall look and feel of your images, adding richness and atmosphere of old-school vintage films.
  • June Matte Lightroom Presets - great for portrait, fashion and landscape photography. They will provide a soft and non-destructive matte toning, enhancing overall look and adding that summertime atmosphere to your images.
  • Aurum Lightroom Presets - provide subtle and vivid warm toning for studio, fashion, portrait and lifestyle photography.
  • Lilac Artistic Lightroom Presets - provide high-quality artistic toning presets for summer/nature portraits with lots of greenery/flowers and adds a moody cold toning (especially to greens).
  • Albion Dark Fantasy LR Presets - provide professional editorial quality toning presets great for bringing a rich and dark moody tone to your photographs and adding atmosphere.
  • Scarlet Fantasy Lightroom Presets - a collection of advanced fantasy toning presets for natural light portraits, fashion and fine-art. They will add a rich atmospheric/fantasy tone to your photographs and give them a professional editorial look.
  • Portochrome Lightroom Preset Bundle - simulates some features of old-school chromatic and slide portrait films. These presets are great for bringing a rich and deep film-like tone to your photographs and give them a professional editorial look. Specially designed for natural light portraits, Portochrome should also go well with studio portraiture, wedding, landscape and travel photography.
Adobe Lightroom 4 and higher, including all newest CC versions. Windows and Mac. RAW and JPEG.

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